Office Location

14425 W 86th Ter Lenexa, KS 66215
Phone: (913) 484-9173



About Spinning Spools Embroidery

Spinning Spools is an in-house operation offering a Whole Solution approach to your embroidery needs.

What does that mean?

We understand our clients are busy people who have better things to do than spend time hunting down garments, picking up product and worrying about the look of the finished piece. As a Whole Solution provider, you simply provide us with a logo or design and your project ideas. We'll do the rest.

We'll do the leg work

We'll search for the right piece of clothing or product that fits your needs and budget and get your approval before moving forward.

We do it quickly

We do all of our work in - house. No outsourcing, no "middle man," - nothing to delay production. Most projects can be completed and delivered to the client in 5-7 days.

We come to you

From our initial meeting to delivery of your finished pieces, Spinning Spools will never make you run an "embroidery errand." It's our business to produce clean, professional - looking designs quickly. It's your business to do something else.

We'll work with you

Have an idea for something you're not sure is possible?

Tight time frame?

Give us a call [913.484.9173] and we'll discuss your needs and how we can be of service.